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Welcome to NetModule Wiki

This wiki provides information about all NetModule Routers. Please select a topic below, use the search or table of contents.

Documentation and Downloads

Product documentation such as user manual and outline drawings for the NetModule Routers.


Getting started, installation and commissioning of the device.

Configuration and Deployment

Typical configuration of components such as WWAN, WLAN or VPN or link supervision.

Software Development

Software extensions using the SDK, cross-compilation toolchain or LXC Virtualization.

Monitoring and Device Management

Operation and monitoring, NMS, SNMP.

Maintenance and Update

Maintenance tasks such as software update and reconfiguration.

Troubleshooting and Tech Support

Error analysis, reading the system log, using debug tools, tech support and RMA

Application Notes

Full use cases such as Passenger WLAN.

FAQ and Tools

FAQ, Tools and other helpers

If you have any further questions, issues or a RMA request, please follow these pages

Remote Support with Teamviewer