GPS Rollover Issues

Beginning on November 3rd 2019 a few GPS Modules are sending out the wrong timestamp. The Timestamp is starting in the Year 2000.

This Issue is based on thegps week rollover problem.

Netmodule prepared it's software images with a bugfix to handle this Problem correctly.

With this bugfix

  1. The Timestamp in the router is set correctly
  2. The Timestamp send out via NMEA Stream in our GPS Server is set correctly.

Please update your Router to one of the following Version to be prepared for the November 3rd 2019:

Older Software Versions

If you are using a Software Version prior to on NB1600, NB2700, NB2710, NB3700, NB3710


You will need to update to first before be able to update to a Version with the gps rollover

For more information why this is needed please follow this detailed wiki page