Update to or and higher is failing

If you have an error Message during update to the Software Version or higher please read this Wiki Page

Exiting with code 3 Unsupported Model or Family

The software version requiere on some router models a minimum software version installed to update from.

Therefor the Update will fail if you don't have the correct software installed.

Previous software version will recognize this software Images as not ment to be installed on this router model.

These steps are neccessary as some improvments in the system need some preparation.

Affected Router Models

This Wiki Page is only mentioned for following Router Models that need this specific process:

  • NB1600
  • NB2700
  • NB2710
  • NB3700
  • NB3710

Required Software Version

To install the software version or higher following minimum version need to be installed.

Please use the newest Software depending on your currently installed major software version (3.7, 3.8, 4.0, 4.0.1)

There is no need to make every intermediate update step. You can go directly to after you have the newest Software of you Line installed (3.7, 3.8, 4.0, 4.0.1)

You can use the direct link to our ftp server:

Technical Background

With we introduced a enhanced handling of the internal flash memory in the router models mentioned above.

As this also requiere some changes in the bootloader and in the partition managment, we need to have a specific starting point to maintain a fail-safe update process.

For even more Details please refere to the Release Note NRSW Chapter 6

Therefore we decided to set the software version mentioned above as the minimum installed.

Also a very rare issue found in case 48005 updating the spl will be avoided with this preparation