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This wiki provides information on all NetModule Routers. Please select a topic below, use the search or table of contents.

  1. Documentation and Downloads: Product documentation such as user manual and outline drawings for the NetModule Routers.
  2. Installation: Getting started, installation and commissioning of the device.
  3. Configuration and Deployment: Typical configuration of components such as WWAN, WLAN or VPN or link supervision.
  4. Software Development: Software extensions for NetModule Router Software using the SDK, cross-compilation toolchain or LXC Virtualization or an unsupported Linux reference distribution.
  5. Monitoring and Device Management": Operation and monitoring, NMS, SNMP and RMA Procedure.
  6. Maintenance and Update: Maintenance tasks such as software update and reconfiguration.
  7. Troubleshooting and Tech Support: Error analysis, reading the system log, using debug tools, tech support and RMA.
  8. RMA and Replacement: Hardware defect or upgrade to a new product.
  9. Whitepapers: Full use cases such as Passenger WLAN.
  10. FAQ and Tools: FAQ, Tools and other helpers.