System Log

When things are not working as desired it is always a good idea to have a look into the system log. In the GUI you will find it under System > Troubleshooting > System Debugging > Log Viewer. In the console, just type tail-log which is a shortcut for tail -f /var/log messages

root@ tail-log Other things to look at: root@ ifconfig (what are the interfaces doing? Is there an IP assigned to the relevant interface (wwan0, wlan0, lan0, tun0, etc.) root@ ping (do we have Internet access?) root@ cat /etc/resolv.conf (do we have DNS servers? Which ones?) root@ route -n (what about the routes? Is there a default route? Is there a route to the OpenVPN sever?) root@ tcpdump -i wwan0 -n (are the packets travelling as expected?)

Getting the Tech Support File

You can download the Tech Report from the Web Manager und System > Troubleshooting > Tech Support.

Recovery Installation

In some rare cases you need to perform a recovery installation of the Software.

Please take a look on our detailed how-to on the site recovery-update