NetModule Routers come with the feature-rich NetModule Router Software (NRSW).

For interessted users an unsupported Yocto-based OEM Linux OS reference distribution is available. Please note that the OEM Linux OS reference distribution is for academical use only and not intended for real life applications.

NetModule Router Software (NRSW)

There are basically three ways, how you can add your software extensions. The prefered way is using the built-in scripting enviroment called SDK. The advantages of this approach are that writing SDK scripts is relatively simple, but still powerful, and that these extensions can become part of the router's configuration. Hence, SDK scripts can be applied to other routers and they will survive software updates. The second approach is to write a C application and cross-compile it for the router. With the optional available Virtualization License (Lic-V) it's possible to run an application in a Linux LXC container.


Language, API documentation, and sample scripts.


Cross-compilation toolchain


LXC container

Unsupported Linux OS Reference Distribution

Disclaimer: This software is unsupported - please don't contact NetModule support. Using the OEM Linux OS reference distribution may invalidate certifications and declarations of conformity. When the software is installed on a router, the warranty expires and the user is fully responsible for the operation.

Reference Distribution

Unsupported Yocto-based OEM Linux OS reference distribution