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How to create a Techsupport File

To retrieve a techsupport via Command Line please see Create a Techsupport file via telnet/ssh shell

If you want to create a initial support request or you've been asked by our support team you can download a Techsupport File from our Products via the Web Interface:

  • System → Troubleshooting → Tech Support → Download

After a click on the download button you will see the progres Page

After that the techsupport.zip will be offered for download by your browser.

Check you Download folder if you don't get a save as window.

Why ?

This File is essential for a good support quality. All needed Information for a first overview and mostly all error messages are included in this file.

What's included?

The Techsupport file has various helpfull informations which Includes

  • Status Values at the moment of the Creation
  • Hardware Configuration
  • Production Configuration
  • User Conficuration
  • System Log
  • Script Log
  • Kernel Log

What's with the options

With Exclude Secret all password, passphrase and other encoded strings will be replaced with a XXXXX

When you use enrcypt file the zip fill will be encrypted with our public PGP Key. Only NetModule can decrypt it again with the private key.