How to create a Techsupport File

To retrieve a techsupport via Command Line please see Create a Techsupport file via telnet/ssh shell

If you want to create a initial support request or you've been asked by our support team you can download a Techsupport File from our Products via the Web Interface:

  • System → Troubleshooting → Tech Support → Download

After a click on the download button you will see the progres Page

After that the will be offered for download by your browser.

Check you Download folder if you don't get a save as window.

Why ?

This File is essential for a good support quality. All needed Information for a first overview and mostly all error messages are included in this file.

What's included?

The Techsupport file has various helpfull informations which Includes

  • Status Values at the moment of the Creation
  • Hardware Configuration
  • Production Configuration
  • User Conficuration
  • System Log
  • Script Log
  • Kernel Log

What's with the options

With Exclude Secret all password, passphrase and other encoded strings will be replaced with a XXXXX

When you use enrcypt file the zip fill will be encrypted with our public PGP Key. Only NetModule can decrypt it again with the private key.