Order Codes & Software Licenses

With a NetModule router license it's possible to enable extra functions on the router. Some licenses require hardware and they will only work only, if the router is equipped with the needed hardware function.

The NetModule order codes have three main parts separated by a dash (“-”):

  • [base device] - [hardware options (HWO)] - [software options (SWO)]

e.g.: NB3800-2LWac-GVi has 2x LTE and 1x WiFi modules, as well the GNSS- and Voice-License enabled.

Options are uppercase (e.g. “L” Standard LTE) and it's possible to make further refinments in lowercase (E.g. “Ld” LTE Advanced, “La” LTE 450MHz).

Option examples:

  • Hardware: “U” - UMTS, “L” - LTE, “W” - WiFi 802.11 abgn, “Wac” - WiFi 802.11 abgn/ac, “C” - CAN
  • Software: “G” - GNSS, “Vi” - Virtualization, “V” - Voice


License Definition

These licenses are available:

Feature License Description Enabled
0 UMTS 3G enabled HWO: “U”, “L”
1 GSM 2G enabled HWO: “U”, “L”
2 GPS Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) SWO: “G”
3 WLAN WiFi HWO: “W”, “Wac”
4 MOBILEIP Mobile IP https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mobile_IP on request
5 LTE 4G enabled HWO: “L”
6 VOICE Mobile Voice Call PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) SWO: “V”
7 SERVER see below SWO: “S”
8 VIRT Linux LXC-Containers enabled SWO: “Vi”
9 TX_ADV Change of Regulatory Domain enabled on request
10 ITXPT ITxPT functions enabled https://itxpt.org/ SWO: “Ix”
11 FMS2IP Support of FMS https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fleet_Management_System (CAN to IP) SWO: “F”
12 EUICC Support for eUICC/eSIM SWO: “Se”
13 5G 5G enabled HWO “N”

Server License

Feature Standard Server license
OpenVPN clients 10 25
DynDNS server -
DHCP reservations 35
Local host names 35
NAPT rules 35
Firewall rules 50
Firewall address groups 15
Static routes 30
Mobile IP