Install licenses via USB stick


  1. Router must be in factory reset state (unconfigured)
  2. Format an USB-Stick FAT16/32
  3. Download the files autorun.key and
  4. Copy autorun.key and on the stick
  5. If you got the licenses in an archive, extract the license files
  6. Copy all the license files (00112B*.lic) on the stick
  7. Power on the router and wait until it has booted completely. The STAT LED will turn solid green.
  8. Plug in the USB stick and the WLAN1 LED will blink slow green.
  9. When the installation starts, all LEDs blink green and it takes some time.

Finaly LEDs are

  • green: ok
  • yellow: ok, but there was no license change, e.g. installed the same license two times
  • red: something went wrong. (WLAN1 blinking: red = no license file, yellow = license file corrupt)


set -xv
echo "SLOW GREEN" > /tmp/status/led-manager/led3
sleep 3
/usr/local/sbin/cli status -s | grep FEATURE_ > /tmp/license.txt
eval $(/usr/local/sbin/cli status -s | grep SERIAL_NUMBER)
cp /mnt/media/autorun/$SERIAL_NUMBER\.lic /tmp/ || echo "FAST RED" > /tmp/status/led-manager/led3 
sleep 3
if cli update license file:///tmp/$SERIAL_NUMBER\.lic; then
	sleep 5
	/usr/local/sbin/cli status -s | grep FEATURE_ > /tmp/license_new.txt
	for i in $(ls /sys/class/leds/*green/brightness); do echo 1 > $i; done
	if cmp -s /tmp/license.txt /tmp/license_new.txt; then
		for i in $(ls /sys/class/leds/*red/brightness); do echo 1 > $i; done
	sleep 5
   for i in $(ls /sys/class/leds/*red/brightness); do echo 1 > $i; done
rm /tmp/license.txt license_new.txt /tmp/license_new.txt /tmp/$SERIAL_NUMBER\.lic

Reset router into factor reset state

  1. Power off you device
  2. Place a tiny pin in to the reset hole and press the reset button
  3. Power on the device and keep the reset button pressed
  4. Keep the reset button pressed for aprrox. 40 sec. until all LEDs flashed up in the color RED (excluded are NB800 modules they will flash green)
  5. Release the reset button now