WWAN interface

A wwan interface is a physical interface supporting cellular technology. It provides users with enterprise-level wireless WAN access services. This artical will guide you through a typical configuartion for a wwan interface.


  • valid SIM card
  • LTE Antennas mounted on the relevant connectors

Step 1. Enable SIM

  • Insert the SIM Card into one of the avaliable SIM slots.
  • Log on to the router and check the SIM State.
    • If the state is “ready” continue with the configuration
    • If the state is “missing” please check the sim card again
    • If the state is “locked” you need to unlock the SIM Card with the required PIN
      • If you disabled the PIN already just leave this field blank

Step 2. Create WWAN interface

Step 3. Choose SIM and modem

  • Assign the SIM card and a modem you want to use to the WWAN interface.
  • Please note that these settings supersede the general SIM based settings as soon as the link is being dialed.

Step 4. Choose APN

  • Choose the necessary APN from the database. It contents the most commend provider of different countrys. Otherwise you also able to configure your own APN settings manuelly

Common DE APN

Provider APN Username
Telekom internet.telekom tm
Vodafone web.vodafone.de -
O2 internet -

Common CH APN

Provider APN Username
Swisscom gprs-swisscom.ch -
Orange click -

Apply the configuration and wait until the process has being completed. The WWAN interface will get up automatically. Once a SIM card has been inserted, assigned to a modem and successfully unlocked, the card should remain in state “ready” and the network registration status should have turned to registered If

  • Check the current state on the Mainpage

In case of any further question or support request, please contact us or openup a new supportcase

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