WLAN Client Bridge

To bridge a WLAN Client connection with a Ethernet LAN there are some requirements needed. The WiFi Access Point as well as the WiFi clients need to support 4 Address Frame. The configurtion is only possible with the following products:

  • NB1800
  • NB1810
  • NB2700
  • NB2710
  • NB2800
  • NB2810
  • NB3700
  • NB3701
  • NB3710
  • NB3711
  • NB3800

Please use the current Version: This funtionality was introduced with the NRSW In case you running a NB800 or NB1601 you can take a look at our Mesh Network funtionality

Access Point Config

Please configure your WLAN Access Point as usual

At the IP Settings Page please enable the “4addr frame” and choose the LAN Interface you want to bridge with.

Client Config

Please configure your WLAN Client Connection as usual

Activating the CLient Bridge

After the WLAN Connection is set up. Please go to Interfaces→Link Managment and edit your WLAN Connection

Please define your local LAN Interface to bridge with.

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