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Hand Tools

When working with our routers, especially when interacting between Windows and Linux, the right tools may be helpful. Here is a list of some helpers:

Windows / Multi Platform

Tool TypeTool NameDownload From
Command Line HTTP/FTP Client cURL
Command Line HTTP Client PowerShell Invoke-WebRequest More Info
File archiver 7-Zip
File comparison Beyond Compare
FTP client/server FileZilla
Network analyzer Wireshark
SCP client WinSCP
SSH/Telnet/TCP client PuTTY
Text Editor Notepad++
TFTP client/server, DHCP server, Syslog server TFTPD32
Serial over IP client Serial to Ethernet Connector
Serial over IP client VSP3
SIP client X-Lite
USB over IP client USB/IP Driver
VPN server/client OpenVPN
Web browser Chrome


GPSD client gps, xgps, xgpsspeed, cgps, lcdgps