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 ====== Opening a Support Ticket ====== ====== Opening a Support Ticket ======
-In case you have indivial ​Question ​or Issue with one of our Routers ​we are happy to help you: +If you have an indivial ​question ​or issue with one of our routers, ​we are happy to help you: 
-For the initial ​Rquest ​please use our Support Form: +For the initial ​request, ​please use our Support Form: 
- Also be specific as possible ​what the symptons are:+ Please ​be as specific as possible ​when describing ​the symptoms:
-  * What area is affected by the defect: ​ConnectivtyPower Loss, etc. +  * What area is affected by the defect: ​connectivtypower loss, etc. 
-  * Do you still have any lights on the LEDs+  * Describe LED status
   * Can you still connect via Ethernet   * Can you still connect via Ethernet
-  * [[faq:​create_techsupport|If possible please provide a techsupport ​File of the Product]] +  * [[faq:​create_techsupport|If possibleplease provide a techsupport ​file of the product]] 
-  * Please describe the peripherie ​in case it'​s ​affacting ​the issue: VPN ServerNetwork Hardware, etc+  * Please describe the periphery ​in case it'​s ​affecting ​the issue: VPN servernetwork hardware, etc
-You will get an automatic answer ​imidiatly ​and we will get in touch with you as fast as we can.+You will get an automatic answer ​immediately ​and we will get in touch with you as fast as we can.