Firmware update in the NetModule Wireless Router?

NetModule wireless routers have many components installed. Some of them run their own firmware. The NetModule Router Software (NRSW) is Linux-based and is the core system of the router, accessible through the WebManager. The cellular modems and other components run local programs that we call firmware.

On this overview page you will find the answers to most questions.

Why do I see a warning about an outdated firmware version?

In some cases, a firmware update is required to ensure stable operation in the future. If a warning about the outdated version appears, it is recommended to update the module's firmware.

Do I need to worry about other modules?

If no warning is displayed, there is no general need for an update. Please take a look at the WWAN-Modems Releases to see the history of updates.

How do I perform a firmware update?

Detailed instructions can be found on the firmware-update Wiki page. The update process is fail-safe.

Do I need to update the router software before updating the firmware?

If your router software (NRSW) is older than one year, an update is generally recommended.

Starting with, and, we have increased the maximum file size for direct upload. If you are using older software, you will need to use the “Download from URL” feature.

What is the difference between the VOICE1 and WWAN1 modules?

It is the same module that we use for two functions. Therefore, only one update is required. Please select WWAN1 for the update.