During the roll-out of the new cellular technologies like 4G (LTE - Long Term Evolution) and 5G (NR - New Radio) old technologies will be discontinued by the network operators.

All Netmodule Routers are supporting at least two cellular technologies. Therefore, in most cases a replacement is not needed.

As 2G and 3G supports Voice Calls and SMS this function will be still available if only one of these technologies will be shut down. So far no operator has announced to disable 2G and 3G simultaneously.


In the most cases the WWAN interface are used in automatic mode.

Sometimes the customer is forcing a specific service type (e.g. 2G-Only, 3G-Only, 2G/3G-Only) based on various reasons.

You need to make sure this setting is matching with your future operator support or enable the automatic mode.

Current Products

All active products are equipped with LTE Modems that support multiple service types.

Product variants with LTE-Advanced modems (Order Code Ld/Ld/Lb, 4G/3G only) will lose data fallback if the provider like Telekom discontinues the 3G/UMTS network.

All other LTE products are supporting 2G and 3G fallback and therefore will not lose connectivity.

Legacy Products

Modem Specific Limitations

Some of our legacy products are build with the Option Wireless modem GTM380, which does not support the UMTS band 5 900Mhz which will be the only remaining 3G band supported by Swisscom. A replacement is needed to maintain connectivity.

Other Option Wireless modems (GTM382, GTM661, GT671) are not affacted by this limitation.

The modem type is shown in the WebGUI of your router.