Safety Instructions

NetModule routers must be used in compliance with any and all applicable national and international laws and with any special restrictions regulating the utilization of the communication module in prescribed applications and environments.

We would like to point out that only the original accessories, shipping with the router, must be used in order to prevent possible injury to health and damage to appliances and to ensure that all the relevant provisions have been complied with. Unauthorized modifications or utilization of unapproved accessories may void the warranty. The routers must not be opened. However, it is possible to replace any pluggable SIM cards even during operation.

All circuits connected to the interfaces of the router must comply with the requirements of Safety Extra Low Voltage (SELV) circuits and have to be designed for indoor use only. Interconnections must not leave the building nor penetrate the body shell of a vehicle. Possible antenna circuits must be limited to over-voltage transient levels below 1500 Volts according to IEC 60950-1, TNV-1 circuit levels using safety approved components.

NetModule Routers shall be only used with certified (CSA or equivalent) power supply, which must have a limited and SELV circuit output. They are basically designed for indoor use. Do not expose the communication module to extreme ambient conditions and protect the communication module against dust, moisture and high temperature. We remind the user of the duty to observe the restrictions concerning the utilization of radio devices at petrol stations, in chemical facilities or in the course of blasting works in which explosives are used. Switch off the communication module when traveling by plane.

You need to pay heightened attention when using the communication module close to personal medical devices, such as cardiac pacemakers or hearing aids. NetModule routers may also cause interference in the nearer distance of TV sets, radio receivers and personal computers.

Avoid any installation of the antenna during a lightning. Always keep a distance of more than 40 cm from the antenna in order to reduce exposure to electromagnetic fields below the legal limits. This distance applies to ¼ lambda and ½ lambda antennas. Larger distances may apply to antennas with higher gain.

Any Ethernet cabling must be shielded, the Ethernet section of this manual provides more information.

We highly recommended creating a copy of a working system configuration. It can be downloaded using the Web Manager and easily applied to a newer software release afterwards as we generally guarantee backward compatibility.