The actual list of all packages including version and license type can be found on the router Web-GUI under SYSTEM→Legal_Notice→Licenses.

# package                               license                         modified        url
# -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
arena-0.9.9                       	gpl-2                          	yes
arpwatch-2.1a15                   	bsd-3                           yes
atftp-0.7                         	gpl-2                         	no    
atftpd-0.7                        	gpl-2                         	no    
at-3.1.10ubuntu4                  	gpl-2                         	yes
base-files-61                     	gpl-2                         	no
bc-1.06.95                        	gpl-2                         	yes
bofh-1.0.0                  	        vendor                        	yes
busybox-1.17.3                    	gpl-2                         	yes
can-utils-2014-09-08              	gpl-2                         	yes
cfconvert-0.1                     	vendor                        	yes
cfverify-0.1                      	vendor                        	yes
chat-2.4.4                        	public-domain                 	yes
chrony-1.29.1                     	gpl-2                         	yes
cli-1.0                           	gpl-2                           yes
conntrack-tools-0.9.14            	gpl-2                         	no
curl-7.37.0                       	mit                           	yes
darkstat-3.0.713                  	gpl-2                         	yes
dfu-util-0.7                      	gpl-2                         	yes
dnsmasq-2.68                      	gpl-2                         	yes
dos2unix-5.0                      	gpl-2                         	no
dropbear-2014.63                  	gpl-2                         	yes
dropbearconvert-2014.63                 gpl-2                           yes   
ethtool-2.6.35                    	gpl-2                         	yes
event-manager-0.1                 	vendor                        	yes
extagimage-0.1                    	vendor                        	yes
firewall-2                        	gpl-2                         	no
fuse-utils-2.8.4                  	gpl-2                         	yes
gpsd-3.9                          	gpl-2                         	yes
hostapd-2014-04-04                	bsd-3                         	yes
hotplug2-1.0-beta                 	gpl-2                         	yes
hydra-0.1                         	vendor                        	yes
ip-2.6.35                         	gpl-2                         	yes
iperf-2.0.5                       	bsd-3                         	yes
ipupdate-1.1.1                          public-domain                   yes   
ifrename-1                        	gpl-2                         	yes
igmpproxy-0.1                           gpl-2                           no    
iproute2-2.6.35                   	gpl-2                         	yes
ipsec-tools-0.7.3                 	gpl-2                         	yes
iptables-                  	gpl-2                         	yes
iw-0.9.21                         	gpl-2                         	yes
kernel-2.6.36                     	kernel                        	yes
ldconfig-0.9.31                   	gpl-2                         	no
ldd-0.9.31                        	gpl-2                         	no
led-manager-0.1                   	vendor                        	yes
uClibc-0.9.31                       	lgpl-2.1                      	no
libcurl-7.37.0                    	mit                           	yes
libelf-0.8.13                     	lgpl-2.1                      	no
libevent-1.4.13                   	bsd-3                         	no
libexpat-2.0.1                    	mit                           	no
libfuse-2.8.4                     	lgpl-2.1                      	yes
libgcc-4.4.5                      	gpl-3.1-with-gcc-exception    	no
libgmp-4.3.1                      	lgpl-2.1                      	no
libiconv-1.11                     	lgpl-2.1                      	yes
libintl-0.17                      	lgpl-2.1                      	yes
libiptc-                   	bsd-3                         	yes
libiw-29                          	lgpl-2.1                      	yes
liblzo-2.03                       	gpl-2                         	no
libncurses-5.7                    	mit                           	yes
libnetfilter-conntrack-0.0.101    	gpl-2                         	no
libnetsnmp-5.4.4                  	bsd-3                         	yes
libnfnetlink-1.0.0                	gpl-2                         	no
libnl-tiny-0.1                    	lgpl-2.1                      	yes
libopenssl-1.0.1k                 	openssl                       	yes
libpcap-1.0.0                     	bsd-3                         	yes
libpcre-8.10                      	bsd-3                         	yes
libpthread-0.9.31                 	lgpl-2.1                      	no
libreadline-5.2                   	gpl-2                         	yes
librt-0.9.31                      	lgpl-2.1                      	no
libtar-1.2.11                     	bsd-3                         	yes
libtecla-1.6.2                     	bsd-3                         	yes
libusb-1.0.9                      	bsd-3                         	yes
libwrap-7.6                       	mit                           	yes
libxtables-                	gpl-2                         	yes
lighttpd-1.4.35                   	bsd-3                         	yes
link-manager-0.1                  	vendor                        	yes
lldpd-0.6.1                       	isc                           	yes
mgetty-1.1.36                     	gpl-2                         	yes
minicom-2.3                       	gpl-2                         	no
mobile-ip-1.0.0                   	vendor                        	yes
mtd-14                            	gpl-2                         	yes
nbtestcase-1.0.0                  	vendor                        	yes
netbox-legacy-1.0.0               	vendor                        	yes
nmutils-1.0.0                     	vendor                        	yes
ntpdate-4.2.6p2                   	gpl-2                         	yes
openssl-util-1.0.1k               	openssl                       	yes
openswan-2.6.38                   	gpl-2                         	yes
openvpn-2.3.6                     	gpl-2                         	no
pciutils-3.1.7                    	gpl-2                         	yes
pdb-0.1                           	vendor                        	yes
php5-5.4.38                       	php-3.0                       	yes
php5-cgi-5.4.38                   	php-3.0                       	yes
php5-fastcgi-5.4.38               	php-3.0                       	yes
ppp-2.4.4                         	ppp-mix	                      	yes
pptp-1.7.1                        	gpl-2                         	yes
pptpd-1.3.4                       	gpl-2                         	yes
qmid-1.0.0                        	vendor                        	yes
qosd-0.1                          	vendor                        	yes
reset-monitor-0.1                 	vendor                        	yes
rp-pppoe-client-3.10              	gpl-2                         	yes
sdkhost-0.1                       	vendor                        	yes
ser2net-2.7                       	gpl-2                         	yes
smsd-0.2                                vendor                          no    
smsext-0.1                        	vendor                        	yes   
smstools-0.1                      	gpl-2                         	yes
snmpd-5.4.4                       	gpl-2                         	yes
sofia-sip-1.12.11                 	gpl-2                         	yes
sscep-20040325+ng2                      gpl-2                           yes   
ssmtp-2.64                        	gpl-2                         	yes
strace-4.5.20                     	gpl-2                         	no
surveyor-0.1                      	vendor                        	yes
swupdate-2.0                      	vendor                        	yes
syscookie-0.1                     	vendor                        	yes
sysfsutils-2.1.0                  	gpl-2                         	no
tc-2.6.35                         	gpl-2                         	yes 
tcpdump-4.0.0                     	bsd-3                         	yes
tinyalsa-1.0.0                    	gpl-2                         	yes
uboot-2011.09                     	gpl-2                         	yes
uclibcxx-0.2.2                    	lgpl-2.1                      	yes
udev-142                          	gpl-2                         	no
udevtrigger-106                   	gpl-2                         	yes
unzip-5.52                        	bsd-3                         	no
uradius-0.1                       	gpl-2                         	yes
usbip-0.1.7                       	gpl-2                         	yes
usbutils-007                      	gpl-2                         	yes
voice-daemon-1.0.0                	vendor                        	yes
vrrpd-1.0                         	gpl-2                         	yes
vsftpd-2.3.2                      	gpl-2                         	yes
watchdog-0.1                      	vendor                        	yes
wireless-tools-29                 	gpl-2                         	yes
wpa-cli-2014-04-04                	bsd-3                         	yes
wpa-supplicant-2014-04-04         	bsd-3                         	yes
wput-0.6.2                        	gpl-2                         	yes
wwan-manager-0.1                  	vendor                        	yes
wwanmd-0.2                        	vendor                        	yes
xl2tpd-1.2.5                      	gpl-2                         	yes
zip-2.32                          	bsd-3                          	no
zlib-1.2.5                        	zlib                          	yes