Router Overview

This page gives an overview of the different NetModule Routers. All models share the same software, although it is provided as different images, one per product line. Read the NRSW factsheet to get an overview over the software features.

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Railway Routers

PDF Railway Routers

Vehicle Routers

PDF Vehicle Routers

Industrial Routers

PDF Industrial Routers

Standards and Compliance

Topic Norm Subject NB800 NB1000 NB2800 NB3800
CE RED 2011/65/EU safety x x x x
RED 2011/65/EU EMC x x x x
Environmental RoHS 2011/65/EU hazardous substances x x x x
WEEE 2012/19/EU waste x x x x
REACH 1907/2006/EC use of chemicals x x x x
Automotive Type Approval ECE R10 EMC x x x
Fire Safety ECE R118 burning behaviour x x x
Railway Conformity EN50155 EN60068 Climate x
EN61373 Shock and Vibration x
EN50121-3-2 EMC x
Fire Safety EN45545 burning behaviour x
EBA EMV 06 radio compatibility x
Transportation Conformity ITxPT Vehicle Communication Gateway x x