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Legacy Products

Please see the end of life policy and the end of life notices here. The corresponding software is no longer developed nor actively maintained.


Last software is NBSW

Successor of NB1310 is NB1601.


NB2210, NB2240, NB2241, NB2340, NB2341, NB2500, NB25411), NB2600 and NB2600R share the same processor and hence the same software image. The so far last version is NBSW

Obviously, these products have worked well for many years now. If you face sudden big problems, we recommend:

  1. Enable connection supervision (if not already done)
  2. Update the software to NBSW
  3. If a GTM661 or GTM671 UMTS module is contained, update its firmware (especially if the modem does not register to the network anymore)

Enable Connection Supervision

In the Web Manager enable and configure the connection supervision. In most cases this helps bringing the router online automatically after an incident.

Software Update

Serve the unzipped image on a TFTP server e.g. TFTPD32. Disable Windows Firewall. In the Web Manager of the router trigger the update like <serverIP>/<folder>

Modem Firmware Update

With active Internet connection, in the root console type:


Last but not least think about upgrading to a new product, maybe also from 3G to 4G. Successor of these products is NB2700.

These models contain a Silex SX WLAN module which requires an older Kernel which is part of extra build NBSW