Parameter Description
APN Access Point Name
ASU Arbitrary Strength Unit
CLI Command Line Interface, a generic interface to query the router or perform system tasks
DHCP Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol
DNS Domain Name System
FQDN Fully qualified domain name
ICCID Integrated Circuit Card Identifier
IMSI International Mobile Subscriber Identity
IMEI International Mobile Station Equipment Identity
LAI Location Area Identity (LAI = MCC + MNC + LAC)
LAC Location Area Code
MCC Mobile Country Code
MEID Mobile Equipment Identifier
MNC Mobile Network Code
MSISDNMobile Subscriber Integrated Services Digital Network Number
MSS Maximum Segment Size
MTU Maximum Transmission Unit
NAPT Network Address and Port Translation
RSRP Referenz Signal Received Power
RSRQ Reference Signal Received Quality
SDK Script Development Kit which can be used to program applications
SIM Subscriber Identity Module
SMS Short Message Service
SSID Service Set Identifiers, can be used to define multiple WLAN networks on a module
STP Spanning Tree Protocol
USSD Unstructured Supplementary Service Data
VRRP Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol
VPN Virtual Private Network
WAN WAN links include all Wide Area Network interfaces which are currently activated in the system

Router specific

Parameter Description
ETHxCorresponds to Ethernet interfaces (either single or switched ones)
LANxLAN interfaces which are generally based on Ethernet interfaces (including bridges)
WLANxRefers to a Wireless LAN interface which will be represented as additional LAN interface when configured as access point
WWANxRefers to a Wireless Wide Area Network (2G/3G/4G/5G) connection
TUNxSpecifies an OpenVPN tunnel interface (based on TUN)
TAPxSpecifies an OpenVPN tunnel interface (based on TAP)
PPTPxSpecifies a PPTP tunnel interface
MOBILEIPxRefers to a Mobile IP tunnel interface
SIMxSpecifies the SIM slot as seen on the front panel
GNSSxSpecifies a Global Navigation Satellite System module
MobilexIdentifies a WWAN modem
SERIALxIdentifies a serial port
OUTxSpecifies a digital I/O output port (DOx)
INxSpecifies a digital I/O input port (DIx)
ANYGenerally includes all options offered by the current section