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Get information from device via console/SSH

Firmware version The Firmware version can be viewed here, connect to device via SSH (for example via Putty):

command: cat usr/lib/release/firmux
respond: 1.9.3 dd31066

Get device serial number
command: cat /etc/eeprom-i2c.json
respond: { “serial”: “00112B04585A”}

Firmware update via console/SSH

Connect into Device and download the binary image (for example via tool “WinSCP”) to RAM under /tmp. (Alter your username, IP and path to match your binary image location)

1. check if valide firmware:
command: update -c /tmp/firmux-1.9.3-r62-20230502-netmodule-ap3400-squashfs-sysupgrade.bin
respond: vaild

2. update firmware (device will reboot):
command: update /tmp/firmux-1.9.3-r62-20230502-netmodule-ap3400-squashfs-sysupgrade.bin