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NB1800 and VDSL connection

If you want to attach a NetModule Wireless Router to a VDSL connection, you can now use the NB1800 to do this directly.

There is just a VDSL SFP transceiver needed and some minor configurations. The test was done with “FMS-VDSL-01” from FMS Internetservice GmbH. Potential - not tested - alternatives:

  • Metanoia MT-V5311 VDSL2 SFP module
  • Proscend 180-T VDSL2 SFP Modem für Telco
  • ALLNET ALL4781-VDSL2-SFP (no ADSL support)


- NB1800 with SFP slot
- SFP VDSL extension
- Working VDSL connection
- The credential provided by the VDSL provider


Beside being attached to the NB1800 via LAN you also need to provide wiring from the VDSL connection to the SFP extension.

In most cases a TAE to RJ11/RJ45 cable is sufficient. The RJ45 on connection on the SFP side will take the A/B pins from the VDSL landline xonnection on the two middle pins.

A successful VDSL will be signaled with the LED on the side of the SFP extension.


As an example we will proceed on a Deutsche Telekom VDSL connection.

The SFP Connection is mapped to LAN3 internally. For Deutsche Telekom you need to provide the VDSL connection on a VLAN tagged connection with VID 7. There you need to create a routed interface on LAN3 in the VLAN management page with ID 7.

After that you will have seen a new LAN3-1 Interface in the IP setting overview.

Edit this connection and set it to “WAN” and “PPPoE” mode

You will then need to enter the username and password provided by the ISP.

If the credentials are correctly you will see the connection status UP with details on the status page.