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QoS Quality of Service

The ratio must not exceed 40:1
If there is only traffic for one queue it may use the unused bandwidth of the other queues

Bandwith: fixed
high: TOS (Dec) 184 = DSCP (Dec), 46 (Hex) 0x2E / for voice application
low: TOS (Dec) 104 = DSCP (Dec), 26 (Hex) 0x1A / for video application
default: All OTHER = not specified

ratio: 19:6:1 = 26Mbit/s bandwidth. This is also the interface output limit.

The queue limits will only be enforced, if there is more data than fits through the main limit.

Bandwidth: auto
IP to ping: Configure a reachable host in the internet, preferably the target host.
Based on the RTT the bandwith ratio is divided as follows:
higest priority = 50%,
middle priority = 45%,
lowest priority = 5%