IPv6 Support

With Software version we started IPv6 Integration. Currently we support ipv6 on WAN only


Netmodule device only support global scope addresses, which basically means WAN/WWAN interfaces can connect to existing IPv6 infrastructure and are also useable in VPN Tunnel structures.

Please notice as well as in IPv4, providers still blocking incoming connections on the boarder gateway in their IPv6 network. For this reason it not set and done to have a “real” public ipv6 address.

DualStack Mode

The dualstack implementation provides complete ipv4 and ipv6 protocol stack and allows parallel operation on the same network interface. It has been integrated as “Transition Strategy” to provide a soft transition into the ipv6 address space.

Provider knowledge

Telekom IPv4 IPv6 Public IPv6 DualStack
APN internet.telekom festip.telekom internet.v6.telekom internet.telekom
user tm tm telekom tm
Password tm tm tm tm

Telekom has no available ipv6 DNS server address, which will automatically be assigned to the ipv6 client. You need to define public DNS server addresses in our WEB GUI.

Recommonded IPv6 DNS server

  • 2a05:fc84::42 - Switzerland - Servername: dns.digitale-gesellschaft.ch
  • 2a05:fc84::43 - Switzerland - Servername: dns.digitale-gesellschaft.ch
  • 2620:fe::fe - Germany - quad9 - https://quad9.net
  • 2620:fe::9 - Germany - quad9 - https://quad9.net
  • 2a01:4f8:151:34aa::198 - Germany - Hetzner Online Gmbh - 100% Reliability
  • 2001:4860:4860::8888 - International - google.com(primary) - 100% Reliability
  • 2001:4860:4860::8844 - International - google.com(secondary) - 100% Reliability
Vodafone IPv4 IPv6 DualStack
APN web.vodafone.de web.vodafone.de web.vodafone.de
user - - -
Password - - -
O2 (Telefónia) IPv4 IPv6 DualStack
APN internet internet internet
user - - -
Password - - -

Setup IPv6 WWAN Interface

1. define IP version

We going to select “ipv6”.

2. define ipv6 APN

In this example we are using a SIM Card by “O2”. The Provider has also ipv6 availablity on their typical APN “internet”.

After the setting has been applied the interface is ready to use.