Use Case

Two local Networks need to be connect to the backoffice via seperate LTE and VPN Connections

Initial Confuguration

We are assuming folllowing start config:

  1. Two LTE Interfaces (WWAN1, WWAN2)
  2. Two VLAN on LAN1
  3. Two OpenVPN Client Connections

OpenVPN Server

For this configuration you need two seperate OpenVPN server.

They can be either on different domains/IPs or can run on the same IP but on differnt Ports

This is important as we need the difference to create the extended Routes

Extended Routes

We are using two sets of Extended routes for this use case.

The first set will be used to assign the openVPN tunnel to the related WWAN interfaces

The second set will be used to assign the VLAN to the correct openVPN tunnel.

These Rules will be configured this way:

For each WWAN/OpenVPN combination:

For each OpenVPN/VLAN combination:

Please also use the check box “discard if down”.

This is important to avoid having packets routed via the default Gateway, if a LTE or OpenVPN link will be down.