This article describes how to connect a softphone client (linphone, which can be found at to Netmodule router with voice compability.

1) Configure the Netmodule router:

Service → Voice-Gateway

  • Enable Voice and select generic for sofphone support.
  • Enable SIP and choose your SIP interface.
  • In our case the SIP softclient is connected via LAN1.

Define your endpoints

  • The first endpoint is Voice-over-Mobile which is named Vom1.
  • The second one represents our softclient, Sip1.

The SIP endpoint is configured as follows:

  • Type: SIP (registrar)
  • Subscriber: admin
  • User: admin
  • Password: admin01

Routing between the enpoints

The goal is to have bidirectional communication so we route the traffic from Vom1 to Sip1 and vice versa.

Configure our SIP softclient

In this case, we use linphone running on linux debian 11. Other operation systems should be supported as well. We configure a new sip account. “Choose Use sip account”

Configuration of the SIP account

  • Username: admin
  • SIP Domain: (This is router IP)
  • Password: admin01
  • Transport: UDP