How to use the USB interface


You can an USB memory stick for storing data e.g. using the SDK. Additionally you can configure the router and make a software update. For further information see manual “USB Autorun”. This feature is very helpful for deployment or mass update.

Serial interface

With an USB-RS232/RS485 adapter an additional serial interface is available which can be used by the SDK or remotely from a PC via the device server.

Remote USB

The USB over IP functionality allows to add any USB device on the router and to have remote access from another Windows or Linux computer using a virtual USB interface. For this feature you have to enable “USB over IP” in the configuration and enable the attached USB device with the “usbip” module. For Windows you need the usb over ip driver . Follow the guidelines in the USAGE.txt file. Now you can connect any USB device like an USB camera with integrate microphone.