Serial Tunneling


The NetModule Router serial port server can forward serial lines to virtual COM ports of a PCs. This allows you to remotely access to PLCs and other serial attached devices.



  • Enable device server on serial line on NetModule Router
  • Configure “TCP raw” as protocol on IP port in Port Settings
  • Set port number to 2000 (default)
  • Set serial port settings to your needs


  • Downlad the Serial Port software from the download ara
  • Install the Serial to Ethernet Connector software
  • Create connection
  • Connect serial port to remote host (Client)
  • Serial Port e.g. COM10
  • Remote IP from the router, e.g.
  • Port number 2000


  • Connect serial line of the computer to the NetModule router serial interface
  • Configure the serial line of the NetModule Router
  • Use Putty to connect to the virtual COM10 and test the Serial Port over IP connection
  • Use Putty to connect to the COM port of the physical serial line of the PC with the same paramters