In this example enable ITxPT on Netmodule NB2800 and receive a GPS position of the router via ITxPT implementation. As a client, we use a pc with linux-debian 11.


  • Netmodule Router with licensed ITxPT
  • A client, in our case linux debian 11
  1. Enable GPS in JSON mode. (Just enable GPS, Json mode is default)
  2. Setting up GNSS ITxPT service on NB2800:

SERVICES → ITxPT → Configuration → ITxPT Administratio enable. Choose your LAN Interface, your client is connected to. In our case this is LAN1.

Goto Gnss Tab, and enable GNSS configuration.

Almost done, now we nee to discover the services offered by netmodule ITxPT service. As discovery tool, we use avahi-discover. Once, started, we can click on a service to get detail information.

Now we have the multicast address for the gnss service discovered, we can join the multicast group and recvice the udp messages.

Note: If you are connected to other networks too, make sure to add a route for the multicast address. In my case, I add the route:

sudo ip route add dev enp5s0

Please clone and build the mtools:

klueppel@fang:/tmp$ git clone Cloning into 'mtools'… remote: Enumerating objects: 103, done. remote: Total 103 (delta 0), reused 0 (delta 0), pack-reused 103 Receiving objects: 100% (103/103), 48.67 KiB | 2.32 MiB/s, done. Resolving deltas: 100% (53/53), done. klueppel@fang:/tmp$ cd mtools/ klueppel@fang:/tmp/mtools$ make

CC      msend.o
LINK    msend
CC      mreceive.o
LINK    mreceive


Now we can start mrecevie, with multiacast IP and port: ./mreceive -g -p 14005

./mreceive -g  -p 14005
Now receiving from multicast group:
Receive msg 1 from <?xml version="1.0"?><GNSSLocationDelivery version="1.1a"><GNSSLocation><Data>$GNRMC,094445.00,A,5005.47450,N,00840.68303,E,0.015,,151121,,,D*60$GNVTG,,T,,M,0.015,N,0.028,K,D*36$GNGGA,094445.00,5005.47450,N,00840.68303,E,2,12,0.78,119.1,M,47.5,M,,0000*4B$GNGSA,A,3,04,06,19,09,07,03,22,02,26,,,,1.21,0.78,0.93*1A$GNGSA,A,3,85,70,69,84,79,68,78,77,,,,,1.21,0.78,0.93*1D$GNGSA,A,3,312,304,321,309,319,311,336,,,,,,1.21,0.78,0.93*28$GPGSV,4,1,15,02,27,313,45,03,31,106,29,04,63,064,27,06,61,267,47*75$GPGSV,4,2,15,07,22,175,26,09,76,235,31,11,32,309,46,16,01,089,*7B$GPGSV,4,3,15,17,01,217,,19,13,235,46,20,06,295,,22,11,113,21*7F$GPGSV,4,4,15,26,09,052,27,36,29,151,,49,33,185,30*4B$GLGSV,3,1,09,68,31,066,25,69,71,355,27,70,25,273,28,77,12,015,21*62$GLGSV,3,2,09,78,33,069,30,79,20,125,25,84,42,224,20,85,40,311,23*64$GLGSV,3,3,09,86,06,345,*56$GAGSV,3,1,10,301,11,105,,304,76,062,26,309,46,250,47,311,47,205,28*6A$GAGSV,3,2,10,312,06,168,22,318,16,274,,319,17,066,28,321,16,058,21*63$GAGSV,3,3,10,327,04,011,29,336,49,290,45