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How to set up a NB2800 DLNA Server with ReadyMedia

This article describes how to create a DLNA server running on a NB2800 router.

ReadyMedia (formely known as MiniDLNA) is a smooth and powerful DLNA server.

1) Preparations

All preparations made are described in these articles: How to set up a NB2800 File Server

If you need instructions on how to set up a LXC Container on NB2800 Routers, you can refer to this page:

2) Installation

To install Readymedia, type

apt-get install minidlna

3) Configuration

To configure ReadyMedia, go to its configuration file

nano /etc/minidlna

Here you can set all necessary parameters to run ReadyMedia at your wishes:

If you want to store all of your media files in one folder, set this folder at


If you want to store your files in folders seperated by its type, you have to set




you can give your DLNA server a name that is displayed on the clients.



to let ReadyMedia scan your folder for new media files to keep your clients up to date.

After setting all parameters, start ReadyMedia typing

service minidlna start

If you want to check out the servers status, you can do that with entering http://IP-address-of-your-server:8200 .

4) Run ReadyMedia Server

For viewing media files over DLNA, you just need a client device (such as a TV oder a Set Top Box) or a DLNA app (e.g. VLC Player). With these, you can easily access to all files stored on your ReadyMedia server.