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AmountArticle / Data SheetDescription
NB1600-RWire line + VPN router
NB1600-WWLAN router (access point / client)
NB1600-LLTE router
NB1600-UUMTS router
NB1600-UWUMTS + WLAN router
NB1600-LWLTE + WLAN router
NB1600-UW-GUMTS + WLAN router + GPS
NB1600-LW-GLTE + WLAN router + GPS
NB1600-CaCDMA 450MHz router
NB2700-RWire line + VPN router
NB2700-UUMTS router
NB2700-UGUMTS router + GPS
NB2700-UW-GUMTS + WLAN router + GPS
NB2700-LGLTE router + GPS
NB2700-LW-GLTE + WLAN router + GPS
NB2700-WWLAN router (access point / client)
NB2710-LWA-GVLTE + WLAN router + Audio + Voice
NB2710-LWC-GLTE + WLAN router + CAN
NB2710-2LW-GDual radio LTE + WLAN router + GPS
NB3700-RWire line + VPN router
NB3700-UUMTS router
NB3700-U-GUMTS router + GPS
NB3700-UW-GUMTS + WLAN router + GPS
NB3700-L-GLTE router + GPS
NB3700-LW-GLTE + WLAN router + GPS
NB3700-WWLAN router (access point / client)
NB3710-LWA-GVLTE + WLAN router + Audio + Voice
NB3710-LWC-GLTE + WLAN router + CAN
NB3710-2LW-GDual radio LTE + WLAN router + GPS
NB3710-2L2W-GDual radio LTE + dual radio WLAN router + GPS
NB3710-4L2W-GQuad radio LTE+ dual radio WLAN router + GPS
Antenna-Port-LPortable LTE antenna
Antenna-Port-WPortable WLAN antenna
Antenna-Magnet-LMagnet LTE antenna
Antenna-Wall-UWall UMTS antenna
Antenna-Wall-2LWall MIMO LTE antenna
Antenna-Roof-URoof UMTS antenna
Antenna-Roof-UGRoof UMTS + GPS antenna
Antenna-Roof-LRoof LTE antenna
Antenna-Roof-LGRoof LTE + GPS antenna
Antenna-Roof-2LGRoof MIMO LTE + GPS antenna
Antenna-Roof-2L2WGRoof LTE + MIMO WLAN + GPS antenna
Antenna-Roof-2WRoof MIMO WLAN antenna
Antenna-Roof-U2WRoof UMTS + MIMO WLAN antenna
Antenna-Roof-UWGRoof UMTS + WLAN + GPS antenna
Antenna-Vehicle-LWGVehicular LTE + WLAN + GPS antenna
Antenna-Vehicle-2LGVehicular MIMO LTE + GPS antenna
Antenna-Vehicle-2L2WGVehicular MIMO LTE + MIMO WLAN + GPS antenna
Antenna-Vehicle-Indoor-WVehicular WLAN antenna
Antenna-Railway-2LGRailway MIMO LTE + GPS antenna
Antenna-Railway-2L2WGRailway MIMO LTE + MIMO WLAN + GPS antenna
Antenna-Railway-Indoor-WRailway indoor WLAN antenna
Antenna-Railway-Indoor-2WRailway indoor MIMO WLAN antenna