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What is the MTBF of my NetModule Router model?

Calculated MTBF values for NetModule Router according SN 29500 Standard Revision 2013-07 with environmental temperature of 40°C.

Product MTBF
NB1600 (Wireline) 547‘000h
NB1600 with one module (-U, -W, -UW, -L) 226‘000h
NB1600 with two modules (-LW) 142‘000h
NB2700 (Wireline) 415‘000h
NB2700 with one module (-W, -U-x, -UW-x, -L-x) 200‘000h
NB2700 with two modules (-LW-x, -2U/W-x, …) 131‘000h
NB3700 (Wireline) 296‘000h
NB3700 with one modul (-W, -U-x, -UW-x, -L-x) 167‘000h
NB3700 with two modules (-LW-x, -2U/W-x, …) 117‘000h