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 +====== Abbreviations ======
 +===== General =====
 +^Parameter ^Description ^
 +|APN   ​|Access Point Name|
 +|ASU   ​|[[http://​www.lte-anbieter.info/​technik/​asu.php|Arbitrary Strength Unit]]|
 +|CID   ​|[[wp>​Cell_ID|Cell-ID]]|
 +|CLI   ​|Command Line Interface, a generic interface to query the router or perform system tasks|
 +|DHCP  |Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol|
 +|DNS   ​|Domain Name System|
 +|FQDN  |[[wp>​FQDN|Fully qualified domain name]]|
 +|ICCID |[[wp>​Subscriber_identity_module|Integrated Circuit Card Identifier]]|
 +|IMSI  |[[wp>​International Mobile Subscriber Identity|International Mobile Subscriber Identity]]|
 +|IMEI  |[[wp>​International Mobile Station Equipment Identity|International Mobile Station Equipment Identity]]|
 +|LAI   ​|[[wp>​Location_area_identity|Location Area Identity (LAI = MCC + MNC + LAC)]]|
 +|LAC   ​|[[wp>​Location_area_identity|Location Area Code]]|
 +|MCC   ​|[[wp>​Mobile_country_code|Mobile Country Code]]|
 +|MEID  |[[wp>​Mobile Equipment Identifier|Mobile Equipment Identifier]]|
 +|MNC   ​|[[wp>​Mobile_country_code|Mobile Network Code]]|
 +|MSISDN|[[wp>​MSISDN|Mobile Subscriber Integrated Services Digital Network Number]]|
 +|MSS   ​|Maximum Segment Size|
 +|MTU   ​|Maximum Transmission Unit|
 +|NAPT  |Network Address and Port Translation|
 +|RSRP  |[[http://​www.lte-anbieter.info/​technik/​rsrp.php|Referenz Signal Received Power]]|
 +|RSRQ  |[[http://​www.lte-anbieter.info/​technik/​rsrq.php | Reference Signal Received Quality]]|
 +|SDK   ​|Script Development Kit which can be used to program applications|
 +|SIM   ​|Subscriber Identity Module|
 +|SMS   ​|Short Message Service|
 +|SSID  |Service Set Identifiers,​ can be used to define multiple WLAN networks on a module|
 +|STP   ​|Spanning Tree Protocol|
 +|USSD  |Unstructured Supplementary Service Data|
 +|VRRP  |Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol|
 +|VPN   ​|Virtual Private Network|
 +|WAN   |WAN links include all Wide Area Network interfaces which are currently activated in the system|
 +===== Router specific =====
 +^Parameter ^Description ^
 +|ETHx|Corresponds to Ethernet interfaces (either single or switched ones)|
 +|LANx|LAN interfaces which are generally based on Ethernet interfaces (including bridges)|
 +|WLANx|Refers to a Wireless LAN interface which will be represented as additional LAN interface when configured as access point|
 +|WWANx|Refers to a Wireless Wide Area Network (2G/3G/4G) connection|
 +|TUNx|Specifies an OpenVPN tunnel interface (based on TUN)|
 +|TAPx|Specifies an OpenVPN tunnel interface (based on TAP)|
 +|PPTPx|Specifies a PPTP tunnel interface|
 +|MOBILEIPx|Refers to a Mobile IP tunnel interface|
 +|SIMx|Specifies the SIM slot as seen on the front panel|
 +|GNSSx|Specifies a Global Navigation Satellite System module|
 +|Mobilex|Identifies a WWAN modem|
 +|SERIALx|Identifies a serial port|
 +|OUTx|Specifies a digital I/O output port (DOx)|
 +|INx|Specifies a digital I/O input port (DIx)|
 +|ANY|Generally includes all options offered by the current section|