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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the NetModule Router connects automatically to the Connectivity Suite Initial connection from the NetModule Router to the Connectivity suite requires a provisioning. To execute the provisioning the NetModule router requires a provisioning configuration provided by the Connectivity Suite. After initial connection the router connects automatically to the Connectivity Suite also after loss of connectivity. For more detailed instruction read the instruction manual.

How many devices can be connected to the Connectivity Suite
At the moment the Connectivity supports 140 Tenants with a maximum of 150 devices per Tenant.

Does the Connectivity Suite supports third party routers
At the moment the Connectivity supports only NetModule routers to manage software and configuration. Third party routers can be integrated based on request.

What interfaces does the Connectivity Suite monitor
At the moment the Connectivity Suite montiros the Ethernet interfaces. In future additional monitoring functions to monitor serialll interfaces or Digital I/Os will be added.

What does the Connectivity Suite costs
The cost are depending on the number of devices connected. The Connectivity Suite is based on SLA with annual fees. Please contact for further information.

Can I access my End Devices
The Connectivity Suite provides a service access to directly access devices in the Tenant or Home network. However its not possible at the moment to access end devices directly.

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